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How To Get 3-5 Clients Per Week!

Discover The “Elevator-Funnel™” We Used To Enroll 459 High-Ticket Clients Last Year and How YOU Can Use It To Consistently Enroll 3-5 Clients Every Single Week For Your Expert Business…

How To Get 3-5 Clients Per Week!

Discover The “Elevator-Funnel™” We Used To Enroll 459 High-Ticket Clients Last Year and How YOU Can Use It To Consistently Enroll 3-5 Clients Every Single Week For Your Expert Business…

On This FREE Live Masterclass, You’ll Learn:

This Masterclass Is For You If You Are A Coach, Consultant, Course Creator, Author, Speaker, Service Provider, Or Anyone That Has Expertise You Can Package And Help Others! PS: THIS MASTERCLASS IS PITCH FREE!
How To Consistently Enroll 3-5 New Clients Per Week.

The Client Attraction Flywheel. "Captivate, Capture, Cultivate, Close".

How To Automate The Process
 To Turn Complete Strangers Into High Paying Clients.
How To NEVER Lose A Dollar On Ads Again.

How To Package Up Your Knowledge For A Premium Price.
How To Apply The Elevator Funnel To Your Existing Or New Business.

The Client Attraction University™ Mission

I started Client Attraction University with the mission to help 1,000,000 Black Experts add an extra $1,000,000 to their annual revenue.

Here’s why…

According to the Urban Institute, the average net worth of African Americans is $19,049 compared to $130,472 for Whites.

That’s embarrassing, especially knowing all of the genius and skills we have in our community…

…and it pissed me off to the point where I had to do something about it!

Helping 1,000,000 Black Coaches make $1 Million per year would add an extra $1 Trillion to the BLACK COMMUNITY, which would in turn create more jobs, opportunity and wealth in the black community.

In my opinion the Coaching Industry is the #1 business model in the world, on track to be a $325 Billion dollar industry, and less than 10% of the industry consists of black people and less than 1% of those winning in the industry are black people.

When I got in the industry there were only older white guys teaching the marketing stuff, and I didn’t see anyone I really resonated with, however I knew if I could get the information and simplify it, I’d have the keys to free my people…

…and to date we’ve helped our clients (99% black) create over $1 Billion in revenue and we’re just getting warmed up.


'Since working with Marquel I was able to learn how to systemize things and gain clients regularly.'

'This has helped me create a structure for my teams so we operate at a high level.'

'I owe my success to growing my business, being featured in several productions and rapid growth to Marquel.'

'I didn't want to build a system on my own, I wanted to find a company who knew what they were doing. Marquel knows how to set up businesses to accelerate your growth.'

'The system they have helps me scale and grow my business with ease. They help you build your foundation for success.'

'I made back 8x my investment. It isn't a joke, if you are thinking about it just do it.'

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This Masterclass Is Free For A Limited Time, You Have Nothing To Lose And EVERYTHING To Gain!
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